This week marked the arrival of the Jolly Jumper. Though Oko’s not quite old enough for it, his head control is. He takes it very seriously (the Jolly Jumper, but also, his head control). He hasn’t quite figured out ‘fun’ (aside from being changed) yet. Here’s a video of his early attempts (you’ll have to turn your computer on its side, sorry):

It was also Aunty Tessa’s birthday on the 19th.

When I explained to Oko what a birthday was, he told me that he’d better dress up, then. He picked out the crisp white collared shirt sent by friends of Mimi and Hey George and the powder blue knit nautical-themed pants, also sent by friends of Mimi and Hey George. I must say, he looked quite the gentleman.

And the sun came out! Oko tolerated this new experience with squinty eyes. He got the hang of it pretty soon. How nice to put on cruise wear and relax in the sun.

You may have noticed the cute pirate booties Oko was wearing in the video. They were part of an outfit Ingrid sent to us. Other notable events this week included Oko’s declaration that he does NOT floss.

…well, maybe sometimes.

And finally, Oko’s surgery happened this Thursday. Here he is sleeping his way to the operating table, thanks to mom’s 4am wake-up-and-bathe-now-so-you-sleep-later strategy. Our beautiful baby weathered the operation well and has only a few small abdominal incisions to show for it.

More next week!