Hi everyone! Happy… Wednesday.

It was a busy and well-documented week, full of friends and fun. It was also a week of milestones for Oko. He learned how to…

Dress like an Alpine Frenchman,

Do the lizard dance,

Take up his half of the bed,

Get fitted for new (“3 to 9 months”) shoes,

Count to five,

Look curiously at the cool interactive plush radio we received in the mail, a gift from the Kennedys,

Pass out on the metro,

And bat at Mr. Cratchers!

He also learned how to speak French, identify the difference between teal and turquoise, and walk the tight-rope, but we didn’t get any pictures of that stuff.

Speaking of tight-rope, on Sunday we had a pique-nique in the park with a few thousand other Montrealers. We invited friends who have and/or like babies. Oko regaled them with stories of his seafaring past.

Dad showed them how to ‘slackline’… Here he looks like he’s just casually sitting down, when actually he had just fallen with a hard thump. Hard to catch these things as they happen.

Oko and Mom also had lunch with Oko’s birthday-twin, Aryeh, and his parents Jesse and Elisheva. They were in the Maison de Naissance the morning of February 22nd when we came in. We were in a bit of a rush then, so this was a nice opportunity to catch up.

Here’s what Oko thinks of Ary…

And what Ary thinks of Oko.

We held the babies up for inspection,

And then we ate them for lunch.


This week was also Uncle Jimmy’s birthday! Here’s what a hungry Oko wishes for Jimmy in his 33rd year:

And finally, it was Tessa’s birthday BBQ.

Oko brought the party.

More next week!