Well looky looky, the Tuesday photo comes early this week…

This week we went to our first follow-up visit at the hospital where Oko had his surgery. The doctors were happy with his progress, except for some extra healing tissue in his belly button. They gave us some silver nitrate, which has been used as a cauterizing agent for hundreds of years. You have to keep the applicators out of sunlight because it’s the same stuff used in photographic film! Mom finds this really cool. Oko doesn’t have much to say about it.

Except that, maybe…

He’s all shook up.

We also realized that, in the slew of April-May birthdays, we forgot one! It was Deena’s birthday on the 20th. Happy belated, Aunty Deena!

It’s hard to get a minute in for self-care around here, so Dad’s been taking a page from our friend Gary’s ‘workout from home’ book (click here to see how you do it).

(special thanks to Aaron and Chelsea for the baby dino legwarmers!)

Oko wasn’t too keen on it at first, but we all need exercise sometimes. And eventually he figured out there’s something in it for him, too…

Happy Mother’s Day! More next week!