What have you been doing for the past 84 days? It’s been a busy time. If you haven’t been (almost) doubling your weight, learning a new language or smiling for the first time, Oko would like you to know that you’ve been seriously slacking off.

Happy three months, baby.

Last weekend we were invited to the Missing Justice visioning retreat on Lac Canard, a small pond populated by two loons. It looks like she’s just sitting on a couch taking some notes, but here’s mom busy saving the world with a baby on her arm.

Everyone at the retreat loved holding Oko, some with more success than others. Dad was exhausted by the end of it — why? “Because I was looking after the baby all day!” Yup. It’s tiring. But even Mom doesn’t make meals in addition to babywatching — Dad served a delicious moose burger meal to 10 people, all the while playing sous-chef to Oko’s uncompromising direction.

Our little baby is becoming ever more conversational, hotly debating such à propos topics as whether his diaper needs changing and carefully considering the moral context of throwing his hat out the stroller (for the fifteenth time).

On that particular topic, Oko was informed that, in the words of his Nana, the hat was “not negotiable.” He said that was fine, no one in this house understands him anyway, and he would just hitch a ride home…

In the sling.

Here, he lets us know in no uncertain terms that, although it’s his mother’s birthday, he’s still the one in charge around here. Also, that he is about to pee.

Mom had two birthday parties, both alike in dignity.

Knowing that she’s such a big sportsfan, and that her hometown team has been doing so well recently, Oko sported his new Canucks jersey (size one year…a gift from Nana) in her honour.

He also extolled her virtues in a lengthy conversation with Lise (who had him completely mesmerized for an hour while mom ate her delicious salmon dinner. Grandmothers rule!).

Another person Oko’s been bonding with is The Baby in the Mirror. TBM is happy to offer Oko a listening ear when he’s being changed, feeling the weight of the world, or just wants to shoot the breeze. Oh, TBM. He’s always there when you need him.

And today Oko spent some futon-time with his old pal Phinn (Phoenix), the adorable six-month-old whose mom also lugs furniture around large repurposed warehouse spaces in the name of art. While we huffed and puffed…

the babies practiced their tai-chi.

And then they demanded their dinner. All that horizontal flailing really works up an appetite, you know?

Until next week!