We had a lot of fun this week but Oko won’t be showing it. No, instead he would prefer to work on his intent, all-knowing visage because, as every teenager knows, “Smiling’s so not cool.”

Really, Oko? What if I said you could wear your best onesie (thanks Ingrid!) and blue jeans (thanks Kok!) to the park? Sure to impress all the 6-month-olds. Would that make you smile?

I thought so.

Oko wore red on Saturday night, too, when he attended Mom’s vernissage clad in a red silk cocoon worthy of lady Gaga.  Oko slept the whole time, breathing deeply beneath the cooed admiration of a hundred tipsy art professionals. Whatta heartbreaker.

Speaking of sleeping, our little wonderchild is getting pretty good at it. Not through the night (of course) but through the late evening and mid-morning. Here’s a video. We’re the kind of parents who think our child is fascinating even when he’s unconscious.

Oko has also been making friends with Laura Hernandez, the Mexican artist who is currently working in Studio Béluga. Laura is an expert baby-carrier. She claims Oko laughs at her jokes, but we’ve never seen it.

And Aunty Tessa claims he crawled for her last weekend. Just what else does he do when we’re not looking?

He’ll never tell. A baby this innocent has nothing to hide…

Except maybe Dad’s keys, about forty times a day.

But, then, who needs dumb toys like keys when your body is constantly moving?

You tell us. Until next time.