This is the week that mom decided to get back into shape.

Unlike these two couch potatoes, she was tired of just sitting around doing nothing all the time.



Oko said he’d gladly use his life coaching skills to support mom in achieving her fitness goals…


Just as soon as he felt a little more motivated.



The truth is, mom’s not the only one looking a little roly poly these days.



But does Oko feel bad about it?






He explained to mom the secret to having such a fabulous, self-accepting body image.


Rule #1. Indulge Yourself: eat whatever you want!



Rule #2. Show Some Skin: spend as much time naked as possible!



Rule #3. Spend Some Money: replace those pre-baby-mama clothes!

And if all else fails… Look deep into my eyes,

and remember that you are beautiful inside and out.

‘Cause like the ad says…

I’m worth it!