Well. This week got off to a bad start when we went out for dessert. We went to Juliette et Chocolat with our friend Angela and her baby Simon, who is five weeks younger than Oko and adorable as all get out.


Mom wanted to enjoy her ‘Extreme Chocoholic Brownie’ so Auntie Tessa held the ‘Extreme Narcoleptic Baby’.



But lost as she was in her sugar-induced reverie, Mom made the fatal error of looking away.

And suddenly… her brownie was no more!



How could this have happened?



I guess it’s still true — Tessa just cannot be trusted around sweets.



Oko, on the other hand, prefers healthier foods. Strawberries, for example. (video coming soon!) He’s developing a penchant for all things adult, and has just announced that he’s done with diapers.

It’s form-fitting boxer briefs from now on.



Just like Dad.



…But bigger.


We’re missing Dad a lot. He’s busy swimming and not cooking us dinner at a writing retreat on the Toronto Islands for the next two weeks. We decided to come to Toronto just to be near him.

Oko took his first train.


Terribly excited.



But before he left, Oko made Dad promise he would come back before his seventeenth (week) birthday.



And, in a stroke of genius, he got mom to witness it. Mom never forgets a promise from the one who makes her dinner.




We gave Dad a hug…



And world weary, we bid him adieu.



It was a difficult moment.



But then we picked ourselves up, put on some flashy new duds (Nelson Mandela onesie from Anne Maftei!), and went and made some new friends.



And then for a real pick-me-up, we paid a visit to Unkle Kevin.

Unkle Kevin is like Uncle Jesse…


But cooler.



Together, he and Oko get plenty of attention.


And he always knows the best, giraffe-friendly patios!


…See you next week!