It’s been two weeks since Oko’s last memo and you must be sad. We aim for a satisfied audience here at the Tuesday Photo, so to make up for it we present you with 17 weeks: The Special Edition. Exclusive to this week, a behind-the-scenes look at the Tuesday Photo and the baby it showcases. Read on to find out the answers to some of your biggest questions!


Everyone’s always talking about how big Oko is. But I saw him and he’s just a baby. How big is he really?

This big.

So when you say he’s almost the size of his dad, that’s not really an exaggeration?

Well… Our little one’s still got a ways to go…

(thanks Sarah for the shoes!)

So does that mean he doesn’t actually eat chocolate?

Yes. We stage some things here at the Tuesday Photo. But he really does gnaw on strawberries…


And sometimes when he’s in the sling he gets a little accidental burrito sauce for his health.

(thanks Nathalie for the bib and Milena for the PJs!)

…Which may be why he’s so sturdy on his feet.

(thanks Kevin for the bib!)

So what’s it like to carry a 20-pound moving weight around all day?

Sort of like being pregnant. If pregnancy gave you muscles.

Would you say he’s a big guy with a little attitude?

(thanks Milena for the nursing top!)

Something like that.

(thanks Milena for the workout outfit!)

Sounds pretty macho.

Yeah, guess so. But he still likes to cuddle…

(thanks Melanie for the world domination onesie and Milena for the business casual pants!)

..and play…

…even with mom!

Plus, he doesn’t really like sitting around drinking a beer with the guys, all that ape-like man stuff.

He’s more of an intellectual.

(thanks Kevin for the hipster onesie!)

…he’s a lounge lizard kind of guy. Likes cocktail bars.

…and cocktails!

So do you guys ever relax?!

Well, yeah. Last week we went to visit Dad on the island.

(thanks Martin and Heloise for the giraffe PJs!)


And bummed around Kensington Market with Nicole…

And had some serious discussions with Unkle Kevin.

Sounds nice… But one last question — you keep thanking people for Oko’s clothes. Don’t you guys ever buy your own?

(thanks Anne for the Mandela onesie!)

Nope, not really.  In fact, here at the Tuesday Photo we accept any and all product placement offers. Want to send a shout out to your mom or see your name on our baby’s chest? Contact us for more details!