This week, we went to visit Erik and Philippa for a Sunday afternoon in their beautiful garden.


Oko was feeling a little overwhelmed. There were so many big people around. It was like he was outnumbered or something. They took a family photo and you couldn’t even see him in it. How rude.



Something had to be done.



Oko decided to take matters into his own hands…



And do a little Baby Black Magic.



Those poor unsuspecting adults. Little did they know, their lives were soon to change.  Suddenly the sky opened up. A loud crash echoed throughout the land. The Big Baby in the Sky peered down at them, his eyes full of disapproval.



“How dare you spend even one minute of your time worshiping false idols like flowers and quiche, when you have He that was made in Mine own image to admire? I shall rain down upon you hail, fire and brimstone!” He said. The forecast had indeed called for showers and thunderstorms. Everyone, even as far as Sweden, quaked with fear.



But then Tessa was like, “Wait, what’s brimstone again?”


The Big Baby in the Sky took a deep sigh.

“Because you have angered me thus,” he said, “I will send you a fate worse than death… Twins!”

And before our very eyes, baby Oko began to multiply.



“Oh no!” said Mom, “Anything but that!”



“Anything?” asked the BBS.



“Anything!” She said. “I wouldn’t even know what to call him, if we had another baby. What could compare to a name that is a transliteration of a Spanish name for a flowering desert plant used to make walking sticks, originally from the Nahautl language?”

“Fine then,” he said. “To avoid this fate worse than death, you must purchase for He who was made in Mine own image a puppy.”


“Oh, and btw, you would call him Loco. But you can call the puppy Sophie if you want.”
“Oh, thank you,” said Mom and Dad, “Thank you, thank you!”
“Do not thank me,” said the BBS, “thank my good mood.”



…But a baby never keeps a promise. Tune in next week for the wayward adventures of Loco, Oko’s evil twin!