This post is dedicated to the Concordia MA Art History Grads of 2011. Keep on reachin’ for that rainbow!

This week, Oko and Mom had an extended discussion about the nature of photography.

He was wondering – what is a camera, but a box of light? And why do we take pictures? What role do these images play in our lives and how are they politicized by the larger society?

To interrogate these questions, Oko needed to brush up on his theory.

But we also wanted it to be grounded in practice.

(thanks Kara + Christian for the book!)

So we put on our berets.

…And other thinking hats.

We realized that we do the Tuesday Photo because some people (click here) want to see how Oko is growing, how he looks, sounds and feels. But can any image truly capture the ‘essence’ of a person?

(thanks Kyra for the sweet hipster onesie!)

If it can and, as Uncle Jimmy said, all photos in some way reference not only the objects seen but also their death, how can we avoid fascist manipulations of our images?

We brought some friends over for a roundtable discussion in the park.

And we asked Tessa to contribute her felt experience on the matter. She was more than happy to oblige with a highly informative interpretive dance (sorry, no video).

It really was some food for thought.

(thanks Lis for the baby safe feeder!)

In the end, we decided on a capricious approach to images — a ludic exploration that, while absorbing, would not allow us to forget the camera.

(thanks Laura for the whale puppet!)

Questions? Comments? Come back next week for more Philosophy From the Bib!