This week, someone told us it was ‘take your kid to work day.’ Since Mom already takes her kid to work every [hour of every] day, it made sense that Oko would join Dad for a day at the office.

At first, Oko wasn’t so sure about it.

(thanks Nathalie for the yellow blanky!)

After all, what does a baby do at work all day?

And who will stare down other dads at the pool if he’s not around to do it?


(ever wonder where Oko's name came from?)


But then he remembered that, no matter what, everything’s better with Dad around.


Yes! Dad! We like that guy!


Once he realized how great it was going to be, there was no holding Oko back.


Not even his overnight diaper.

(thanks Lynn for the beautiful handmade quilt and the Boydas for the co-sleeper!)

He got up early just so he could give Dad a much needed pep talk.

(thanks Judith for the amazing Co-Captain Star PJs!)


You see, he said, I know from experience that it’s not enough just to laze around all day,



sitting in the park, drinking (and thinking!) you’re God’s gift.



You gotta focus, man.



Follow my advice, he said, and maybe someday you will become wise like me.



Once they had established their intention for the day, they got off to a good start by relaxing in the bath.



Then they went straight to work,



Oko being sure to give plenty of constructive feedback.



He was surprised to find out that, while he had always thought that his dad flew around the world saving stranded Canadian artists with his superpowers, actually he just draws tiny drawings.



On paper. And they call it ‘the book’! What guff. Oko calls it…


all gone!


(thanks Judith for the sweet hipster onesie! ****Svea: "Who's that on the shirt?" Zu: "I don't know, looks like Jimi Hendrix. Why did Judith send us a Hendrix onesie?" Svea: "No, I've got it. It's not Hendrix, it's David Suzuki!" Zu: "Who's David Suzuki?")


After a hard day’s work, they decided to check in on Mom. See if she needed any rescuing or something.



Turns out she had somehow managed to survive. She also made some jewelry out of dessicated orchid flowers.


(thanks Rebecca for such beautiful modeling!)


…Oko can’t wait to help her “finish” them.

Read all about it next week!