Okotiyo and the Case of the Missing Diamond

Directed By John Huston Boyda-Vikander
Starring Okotiyo James as Detective Oko



It was a deceptively sunny morning. Our faithful detective was hard at work when she walked into his office. A real looker. Mimi Boyda — a classy dame from Toledo.


(thanks for the book, Mimi!)


“Oh Oko,” she said. “You must help me. No one else can do it. You absolutely must.”
“Well, kiddo,” he said, “that depends. What seems to be the matter?”

Mimi told him that she was looking for the Ella Diamond, “the biggest diamond ever.”


(thanks Ella for the diamond!)


“I don’t know,” Detective Oko said, “that’s not really my deal, doll.”


(thanks Mimi and Hey George for the sock monkey!)


“Please, Oko?” she said, “there’s a reward in it for you. A big one.”



“Oh, all right,” he replied, “but first ya gotta fill me in on all the details. Let’s talk a walk on the beach.”



It was at the beach that Oko’s first clue came in.



Aha! He thought to himself, sand, it appears, is made out of rocks. And diamonds are rocks, too!
Our dear detective was off to a smashing start.

And who knows about rocks? Someone who really rocks, of course. Enter Uncle Jesse!


But he didn’t really seem to know much about the Ella Diamond.



Oko eram inconditus. Our darling detective was stumped.


(thanks Nana for the carseat!)


He decided to do what he always did on tough cases — smoke a cigar and head out into the heat, making the long walk across town for a consult with Willy the Whale.


(thanks Laura for the whale and Milena for the shirt!)


“Oh no!” said the whale, “Don’t eat me!”



This accomplished, he followed a hunch and went to see the Maker of Cups…


(hi Elise!)


But she kept hiding her face. Both the cup-maker and the cup kept falling out of his grasp!



He decided he’d settle for a bit of time with a woman who was a bit more, ahem, ‘available’.



“I don’t know where the diamond is,” she said, “But if you stay for breakfast I can take you the MAGIC WOOD SPINNER.”
“Oh, goody,” he said, “breakfast!”

The MAGIC WOOD SPINNER lived in a tiny hut in the middle of San Francisco.


(thanks Jessie for the beautiful recycled wood rattle!)


“Oko,” he said, “I’ve been expecting you. Let’s dance.”



After a while, they decided they needed some accompaniment. So Oko played the drums.



…and the chips.



“To find the diamond,” said the MAGIC WOOD SPINNER, “you must put aside all your dignity, all your fears, and return… to the bowl!”



Our dear detective was taken aback. He looked at the bowl. He’d been there before.




The thing was, he wasn’t quite sure how this was going to work. He turned to the MAGIC WOOD SPINNER and said, plaintively, “How is this going to work?!”
“My thoughts exactly,” he replied.



But they persisted, and he thought long and hard about the diamond and where it might be.



(thanks Sarah for the shirt and Charlene R. for the shorts!)


“The biggest diamond ever,” he said to himself, “cannot really be a diamond. It must be a metaphor. If that’s the case, I know where the diamond is…it’s within me! It’s within you — hell, it’s within all of us!”



“OK,” he said, “I get it. Now get me out of here!”



And you know, kiddo, that’s just how it happened.