Well. It’s been a while.

We’ve been on vacation. The whole family went to beautiful lakeside Wautoma…

But Oko wasn’t content to just relax and chillax with the ‘rents. He had lots of questions. He’d heard we’re moving to San Francisco. But what kind of San was Francisco, really?

(thanks Daddy for the glasses!)

He decided to follow in the footsteps of St. Francis himself. One night when Mom and Dad weren’t looking, he swallowed a few drops of liquid courage and boarded a plane for Umbria.

Oko stopped by Assisi to see what it was all about.

He spent a few days in silent contemplation.

He read the holy texts.

And then he communed with the animals.

He spent some time with the lobster/bumble-bee.

(thanks Mimi for the flotation device!)


He got to know a Canadian goose.

(thanks Auntie Lynn!)


He met a very shiny rabbit.

(thanks Bernard for the gold rabbit!)


He debated issues of theological import…

(thanks Mimi and Grandpa Ken for the monkey rattle that only comes out during car rides!)


…with a monkey.


He embodied the soul of a bunny/Where the Wild Things Are monster.


He also learned the call of a bird of prey.



And when he was finally ready to come home (it’s been about three weeks, right?), he rode his trusty stallion…

All the way back.


Yes, horses can swim!


Upon his return,  Oko snuck right back into place. No one had even noticed he was gone!

He was shocked to find that nothing had changed.

Wautoma was just as exciting as it had always been.

But when in Rome…