This week was Mom and Dad’s anniversary.


(Photo from February 22nd 2011)


What a year!


Mom is super lucky. She has a man who gives her presents…


(thanks Zu for the present!)


And makes the bed…



And even holds the baby while he cooks her dinner naked. And just look at those muscles! Yum!



While Mom and Dad went out for a celebratory brunch, Oko babysat Ingrid and Ianne.



When they got rowdy, he knew how to take care of it.



Oko celebrated in his own way with ultra-fine confetti, otherwise known as ‘The Changing Powder When You Weren’t Looking’.



Then he joined Mom and Dad on their romantic walk in the park.



…and an even more romantic walk on the beach!



Then they got home and Oko changed hats.




And as a final token of his regard, he allowed Mom to eat him like a cob of corn.



That’s all, folks! See you next week. Oh, and PS. Oko has his first tooth!