The weather has been so nice lately. The sun and the son, both so golden…



But there’s always trouble in paradise, and some day last week, Oko and Dad were just lounging around in their matching outfits with nothing to do.


(thanks Mimi for the yellow crinkly dog/bear!)


“What do you want to do today?” Said Oko.
“I dunno,” said his Dad. “What do you want to do?”
“Same thing we do every night, Dad. BOYS’ NIGHT OUT!”

“And no, Mom,” he continued, “You can’t come.”

“But Oko,” she said, “I haven’t had a night out in 25 years! Please, pretty please, can I come?” And she sang him the sweetest lullaby, all about how he was the fattest baby in town.



Oko wasn’t so sure about it…



But Dad told him he’d still be able to rub his shiny head whenever he wanted, whether Mom was there or not.



And so he acquiesced.



But before they left for their neighbourhood watering hole, Oko had to change his clothes.



He was feeling a bit grubby after sitting in the grass for an hour, deep in contemplation with Emmylou Harris and a few thousand aging hippies.




Finally they were off. Time for Oko to get his party on!



It didn’t take Mom long to figure out why she wasn’t wanted on the journey… Moms just aren’t really copacetic to a real pimp-daddy style.



But all was forgotten when Oko discovered…




(thanks, bartender of St. Mary's, for letting this go on for at least 20 minutes)


Oh, the perfection of that colourful triangle!



Oh, the drama of the opening break!



Oh, the clacking of the balls!




Oh, the need to lay out in order to catch them!



Oh, so much fun!



And Oko knows that the only way to cap off a night of good contact-pool playing is…



with a good, dry martini!


More next week!

***BONUS: Can you spot the poop? First viewer to correctly identify the poop in one photo above gets a SPECIAL PRIZE (and it’s not poop!)