This week, Saturday was really a Sadurday because we had to say goodbye to Mimi.


(thanks Mimi for the 'Pat the Bunny' farewell gift!)


Except that we didn’t say goodbye, we just said ‘see you later’ and stalked off into the lunchtime rush hour.


(thanks Zu for carrying the baby!)


We sure will miss her. For if not her, who will be the one to make Oko a crash helmet for his floor-time headbanging sessions?



And who will teach him how to do essential things like drink water from blow bubbles into a water bottle?



But we realized we have to make the most of it, and some new friends. Can’t let a bad attitude interfere with our desire for social change (and peanut butter sandwiches). We met these cuties at the demo on Saturday…


And whenever he needs a (literal) pick-me-up, Oko can always go for a little jump/jive/twist… A gift from Jess, a(nother) Canadian expat!


See you next week!