What a week (almost two!).
In the news today: Oko is just over 8 months old!

And also, he has a top-secret Hallowe’en costume.


Since Tuesday is the day after, Mom will be sure to do a Tuesday Photo straight away. Then you can see how rightwrong you were!

This week Oko decided he needed to study up on his cultural heritage. You know, find his roots. Touch foot on the motherland. And what a coincidence, Mom was just thinking of going there to get some…

As you may have noticed, the B-Vs need some furniture.

And off they went, for Oko’s first Cultural Heritage Experience. Look at all the ümlauts!

(Jess took us to IKEA. She’s the pretty lady looking at plates. Hi Jess!)

Mom also decided Oko needed some slippers. His other ones are way too small.

“I don’t want to wear those humongous slippers,” he said, “They are way too big.”
“You’re wearing your slippers,” she said.

Then they had a big pillow fight, but all Oko wanted to do was eat the tags.

“If you don’t pull it together,” said Mom,

“I won’t serve your prune-sauce for at least a week!”

Oko thought long and hard about this proposition.

In the end,  momprune-sauce won out.

And she also got her furniture. Oko-sized.

While she was waiting in line, Oko went to chat up the babes at Fort Mason. No slippers. NO SOCKS!

Mom was ready to give up. So when they got back home, she handed the baby to Dad, who always gets the job done…

And finally, she rested.