Last night was Hallowe’en. Yes, we have about a million cute pictures to show you. But much has happened since last Tuesday yesterday when I put up the Tuesday Photo. You have to hear all about it before you find out if 61% of you were right to believe that Oko was going to be Sir WC (and yes, scrolling down is cheating).

9am: Breakfast time!

(thanks Ingrid for the loan of your measuring cups. Cups 4 Life!)

How do you like them carrots?

(not so much)

10am: Something’s come in the mail!

(thanks Mimi for the Dutch Oven!)

But Mom won’t let Oko eat the styrofoam, so Oko understands that the Dutch Oven is a gift for him.

A new toy…

If only he could figure out how this thing works.

11am: Papa comes home. He tries to outsmart Oko with the old ‘hair elastic on the ear’ trick.



But Oko is nobody’s fool.



12pm: It’s such a beautiful day, the whole family decides to spend some time lounging in the grass at Golden Gate park.

Some with more pants than others.

2pm: Since we’re nearby, we decide to drop in on the permanent exhibit at the De Young.

Oko finds he is quite the art critic…

Though his tolerance for poorly curated public art is, indeed, wearing thin.


4pm: It’s time for pizza! Oko and his entourage meet Jack and his entourage at Giorgio’s.

Thanks Oliver, Caroline and Jack for an amazing welcome present: beautiful book, hip PJs (size 24 months… they almost fit…) and super-soft blanket!


6pm: And finally

it is time…

for Winston Churchill…

to have some la-las!

Yes, that’s right folks. It was dinner time —

and the ol’ Bulldog was hungry.

7pm: This accomplished, he set out to share some of his thoughts with the average voter.

It didn’t go so well.

But never mind, said Churchill’s mother Gladys, “You yourself said the most cogent argument against democracy is a conversation with the average voter.”

Churchill had to admit she was right.

And at 9pm they set off on the tube to attend a soirée of all the most important dignitaries,


Churchill’s teleprompter following them not far behind.



9:30 – 11:30: The Party At The Port.

When they arrived they found it was quite the to-do.



And Churchill, as he is wont to do, fell promptly asleep.



His Mother thought perhaps he was down for the night. She handed him off to the teleprompter so she could dance the night away…


But the dogged Churchill would not be caught sleeping on the job. It was just a nap, as “The rest and the spell of sleep in the middle of the day refresh the human frame far more than a long night. ”



“Really?” said his Mother, “I used to enjoy sleeping at night.”



Churchill pretended he couldn’t hear her through his new furry headgear.



And midnight found the family safely ensconced in their home, fast asleep.



All, that is, but one…