After 37 long weeks of captivity, Okotiyo James is free at last!


…well, mostly.

Oko had a great week exploring the city.

There was a trip to Bernal Heights with Ingrid and Eva…


(thanks for babysitting, Ingrid!)


And a birthday fiesta for Rohan…


(happy birthday Rohan!)


(though sombreros aren’t quite Oko’s thing, a chacun son goût)



There was a trip to the change-table-less bathroom of an art crawl with Kally…



Though most of our time was spent modeling our bath-taking prowess for Mom’s new new new blog




Serious business.



And not always enjoyable.



But all in all, fun for the whole family.



And somewhere in there we found some time to get some important work done.

After all, if Oko doesn’t examine the yellow donut, who will?


And as a final charitable act, we rescued a neighbourhood puppy.


More next week!