Once upon a time there was a little gnome fellow named Otokiyo.

(thanks Nana for the pink-red PJs!)


Otokiyo lived in a one bedroom apartment in a strange city called Fan Srancisco. He liked to eat applesauce,


And read books, especially ones with tails sticking out of them.

(thanks Mimi for the soft cloth book!)


One day, Otokiyo saw a black tail sticking out of the close door. “I know what to do with that,” he said.



Suddenly, he heard a loud rumble. The skies shook (again) and a very large shoe came flying out of the closet.

It was so big, it could only be the shoe of a giant.


“Fee Fi Fo Fum,” said a voice, “I’ve come to pretend to eat you, my little one!”



And Oto and the giant played together all day.



But when Mom decided it was bed time, the Giant disappeared. “Don’t worry,” he said as he was trying to duck back into the closet, “I’ll be back.”

“Come on, Oto,” said Mom, “Let’s read a tail or two.”