Dedicated to Great-Grandma Helen Boyda,


We’re in Vancouver for a little while? How long? Don’t ask us, call 514.398.9695.

You may know Vancouver as Mama’s birthplace. It is also the home of the Vancouver Canucks, who play hockey. Sort of.

Vancouver is a city of contrasts and paradoxes.

In Vancouver, you have to go down the stairs all by yourself.



Unless, of course, you’ve got a motorbike.



Everybody says a motorbike on the stairs is a dangerous proposition.



But it sure beats the bucket.



In Vancouver, everybody eats with chopsticks.


Unless there’s an egg beater handy.


Vancouver has fabulous chairs.


But a log with the papa is always better!


Or maybe even a banquette. You know, grab a locally-crafted organic beer or something.


In Vancouver, it’s always raining.