Did you miss us? We missed you.

We’ve just been so busy…

Riding in cars.

(thanks Nana for procuring us a carseat!)

…which always makes us dizzy.

(thanks Papa for the new birdie computer!)

Wearing plaid…

(thanks Judy and Rod for hanging' with us!)

Which always makes us pensive.

Playing with new toys…

which also makes us pensive.

(thanks Kok and Deena for the bathtoys!)

And getting dressed up in new duds.

(thanks Mimi and Grandpa Ken for the fancy new threads!)

Which makes us feel slick!

We also got some playground time with Mimi…

(thanks Mimi and Grandpa Ken for visiting!)

Which makes a boy feel positively princely.

(thanks Galanis for visiting!)

And some floor-time with Kyra and Kai,

which makes Kyra and Kai feel pensive!


And always, there is always, the music.