In case you haven’t heard: Little Baby O is now over a year old.

He was so calm and passive at the beginning — well, for at least the first 24 hours.

(this photo was also featured on the Lazy Mama's Lavender Ice-Cream post:

Now he’s a rebel without a cause clothes hanger.

Sometimes he demands to have his cake…

and eat it too!

But most of all, he likes his presents!

Thanks Nana and Bruce for the shirts, Tessa for the doll, Ingrid for the card and coupon, Mama and Papa for the soccer boll and swiftly retrieved ping-pong balls (they contained lead), Deena for the card and moolah…

And Mimi and Grandpa Ken for the teddy and puzzle!

Even though it was momentarily upstaged by the bread, Yellow House Puzzle has become a versatile favourite (especially the cloud piece).

Love and thanks for your support over the last year. Stay tuned for many more to come!