We have so many great pictures from the last few months, it’s hard to know where to start. After Baby E was born, our intrepid Field Commander joined the ranks of the morning session Imaginarium-goers, and read a lot of books.DSCF2596

Baby E and Mama went to Toronto for a good friend’s wedding/nap.

Evie in Golden Snap Jumper

(thanks to Kevin for loaning his condo, Kara and Christian for getting married, and Aunt Christine and Buddy for the adorable Golden Snap jumper!)

Evie in Golden Snap Jumper2

Then everyone went to Wisconsin and Mama wore her dress inside out because the colours are waaaay better that way.


At the end of September, Baby E and Mama went to Vermont for SCHOOL.


(THANKYOU TO TAMMY for looking after a rather cantankerous little monster with a bad diaper rash and jet-lag. Woohoo!)

And while that was happening, a triad of Jameses aligned in someone’s back yard in the Bay Area.

james cubed

(thanks Jimmy and Uncle Jaime for visiting!)

Oh, and also, Mama and Baby wore these matching hats in Vermont and it was REALLY CUTE.

photo 1

(thank you Alba at Knitting Land for making the hats! Thanks to Ging for the pearls!)

Then it was time for the Birth Without Fear conference in Texas!


(Thanks to Auntie Lynne for the angel bib! Thank you BWF and the Beauty Revealed Project for sponsoring Mama and Baby alike!)

And of course, then it was Hallowe’en. Parents went as the Hoddles, world-famous entomologists.

Tiyo was a bee! Check out that honey pot!


(thanks Vanessa for the hand-me-down bee costume!)

Evie was a ladybug…


pokable ladybug.


That’s all, folks! See you next time.