Oh, what haven’t we been up to lately?

We had a triumvirate, worker-themed party (for Tiyo’s birthday).


(cakes in trucks!)

We saw the best American film at the SF Film Fest (on Zu’s birthday).

family photo apr 2015

(kids stayed home!)

We celebrated a week early because we were moving (on Evie’s birthday).


(first: trying to get her cat to sit up in the chair by himself; not possible)

And we bought a house (on Svea’s birthday).




(“For you. Hope you like it!”)

Tiyo and his preschool were featured on NPR.

field hard hat may 2015

(my kid’s the one with the hardhat; photo property of Berkeley Forest School).

Svea continues to hold dinner parties about soap and wear ponchos to work.

unnamed-2  unnamed-1

(you’re invited to the party; my poncho only has room for one)

Zu still cooks all the meals.


(all plated, all the time)

And Evie is an artist.


(performance piece based on a reading of Wittgenstein)