This week, it’s advice from a Field Commander. Here’s what to wear.

For daycare: three types of plaid (two collared shirts, plus the cuffs on your jeans). Accent with orange T and purple/gold high-tops.

IMG_0140 IMG_0141

On chillier days, go for an earth-toned horizontal stripe knit pull-over; pair it with the same jeans and add hiking boots. Voilà, instant comfort clothes!

IMG_0160 IMG_0161

When you hit the great outdoors, flannel is a must. Knit toques are perfect for freedom of movement while rock climbing (thanks Chelsea!).

IMG_0176 IMG_0177

When at the beach  (thanks for a nice vacation, Mimi and Grandpa Ken!) … wear sand.


You’ll notice, I like to accessorize with a hammer or two.

IMG_0232And everybody knows the Monterey Bay Aquarium is the place for puffy vests (thanks Mimi and Grandpa Ken!) and off-white hoodies (thanks Nana!) look great with your flashy high-tops.



Some people will try to upstage you with ridiculous things like vintage fur coats (thanks Mimi!) and asymmetrical haircuts. For New Year’s, keep it simple. Classic elegance is the key.

IMG_0287 IMG_0288

When at home, you can really let your true colours shine. Try running around in a hooded towel (thanks Elise!). Mix it up a bit.




And really, when you’re making tea, you don’t have to wear anything at all.



Lately it’s been a lot of opening things.

First, a boat.

Thanks Sarah and Family for the bathtub boat!

Second, a vest/transitional object (we don’t take it off, even to sleep).

Thanks Mimi and Grandpa Ken for the winter clothes! Also, terribly intriguing musical Thanksgiving card.

Speaking of clothes, we unpacked one of Papa’s old favourites…

Hi Jessica and Lucinda! You move fast (toward any and all stairs).

And what was that about oranges? Right. We learned how to open (peel) an orange…

And throw it at the nearest bystander.

Finally, we drank some hot chocolate.

And all was right with the world… For now.

Since we’ve been off the grid for a little while, we thought we’d give you a little peek into some of the things we’ve been up to.

First, Tiyo’s adventures in feeding himself the family.

(click the link –>) Feeding the Family I

And what a difference a month makes…

Feeding the Baby

Tiyo also learned how to drive

 (the girls wild).

And invented a new high-chair hydration system

(this is Papa’s camel-bak, which he wears on bike trips. It goes on your back, has water in a bag and a tube to suck it out of. Genius!)

(patent pending).

And in case you were wondering about the crescent-shaped scab on his little toddler head, well…

Halloween was a long night, in which this (forehead –>)

collided with this (wall –>),

causing much distress and tears; and leaving a dent about the size of a golf ball.

The crayon marks were there already.

Or, ‘How many weeks old? You figure it out, give me a call.’


Sorry for the radio silence, folks. We’ve been all over the place (literally) and there’s lots going on. But I knew at least a few of you would want to see some Hallowe’en action, so here it is: Tiyo The Builder.


He had a hard-hat.


For holding candy.



He had a tool belt, a real hammer, and a few woodsy jackets.

(you can’t tell, but he’s hammering the fence)


And, like all good carpenters, he was quick on his toes.

He was a little tough to photograph in action – but never fear, you will see this costume again.

The last month has been a month of firsts.

Tiyo peeled his first banana.


And choreographed his first modern dance routine.


He also completed his first puzzle,

And made his first foray into the world of diaper-cover hats.

…And sorcery.

Tiyo very much enjoyed demonstrating his physical prowess on the back patio of a Mission St. café,


but he much preferred playing with an arsenal of spoons for the first 138th time.

And finally, Tiyo took his first trip to Vermont.

Thanks Mimi for all the help!

Oh, and to Harvard,

where all the cool kids play on Henri Moore statues…


And in the dirt.

Harvard dirt is special dirt! Thanks for hosting us, Josh!

Il était une fois un petit garçon qui s’appelle Tiyo/Oko/Okotiyo/Oko-T/T-T/Coco/Mister Bister.



Il était un garçon magique.



Il pourrait se transformé…


En homard!





Et il pourrait se transformer en pieuvre!


(thanks Mimi and Grandpa Ken for the awesome Japanese jacket!)


Et il jouait bien sûr avec les palourdes!



Parfois il préférait être un zèbre…



Et bavarder avec son ami, le lapin en velour!

(merci à Jimmy pour le livre!)


Ils aimaient manger les oranges…

(merci Nana pour la chemise!)


…avec plaisir!


Mais quand il était seul,

(merci Nana pour l'autre chemise!)


le petit gars aimait manger de yogourt, et aider la maman en faisant le ménage.



("Bathtub", curated by Okotiyo B-V)


…Toujours, il rêvait de Montréal.


In case you haven’t heard: Little Baby O is now over a year old.

He was so calm and passive at the beginning — well, for at least the first 24 hours.

(this photo was also featured on the Lazy Mama's Lavender Ice-Cream post:

Now he’s a rebel without a cause clothes hanger.

Sometimes he demands to have his cake…

and eat it too!

But most of all, he likes his presents!

Thanks Nana and Bruce for the shirts, Tessa for the doll, Ingrid for the card and coupon, Mama and Papa for the soccer boll and swiftly retrieved ping-pong balls (they contained lead), Deena for the card and moolah…

And Mimi and Grandpa Ken for the teddy and puzzle!

Even though it was momentarily upstaged by the bread, Yellow House Puzzle has become a versatile favourite (especially the cloud piece).

Love and thanks for your support over the last year. Stay tuned for many more to come!